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Memorial created 07-6-2012 by
Chris Maithonis
1985 - July 5 2012

Spring 2012

In loving memory of Bill who touched so many lives with his strength and gentle soul.

This is a place where we can share our memories and photos of Bill.  The world will not be the same without him.


Ahoy Matey!

We will always remember you for all of the young horses you helped train, the many riders you safely carried, the patience to teach Kenny to drive, the endless parades and outfits, the camping trips and miles of trails you traveled with the grace of a horse half your size.


Got carrots?...for me?

December 2011.  Bill looking at Bella with all those carrots, wishing they were all for him!


Bill Grazing with Andy Dec 2008

Bill's favorite pasttime while not pulling a wagon.


Schaad's in Wilseyville, CA

June 2005.  Horse camping on the Ladie's ride.  You were nice enough to let Judy ride you for the weekend


Mendocino National Forest 1998

Trailriding the logging roads in the Mendocino National Forest.  There was equipment bigger than you!


Mendocino National Forest

Getting hand fed grain while horse camping.  Bill enjoyed pancakes and syrup while on this trip also.


Christmas Eve Ride 1999

Bodega Bay



Napping on the highline.  We could always set our watches to your naps.  We had to wait to go for a ride this day, Bill had to finish his nap


Mmmm...Ice Cream

Bill's Favorite!  Nan brought Dryer's Rainbow Berry Sherbert & waffle cones, and they were all for Bill!  1998 Oroville, CA, horse camping


July 4th 1999

Happy pulling the wagon on the Fourth of July


Armstrong Woods, Guerneville

Ready for a trail ride with Shaun 2002


Learning to drive

You taught us well.  Here you are teaching Ken & Sonny to drive a team in Petaluma, CA in 1999.  You were a great teacher, much was learned by all.


Silver Lake, CA

Horse camping at Plasse's Resort in Silver Lake.  Many beautiful miles of trails were travelled here.  We also saw the first sign from you that you were at heart a wagon horse, as you tried to follow the wagons at the resort and get in on the action.


Cotati, CA 1999

You inspired us to build you a wagon with help from many of the guys at the barn.  Here you & Sonny are, hooked up and ready to pull it for the first time!


The Teacher

There's a story to tell,
if you care to listen
In his big kind eyes
there's a mischievous glisten.

In his younger days
I'm sure he was wild,
Runnin' and buckin' 
like a bratty child.

I think he understands,
you gotta cut loose
And fly like the wind
by the seat o'yer caboose.

He's a good teacher
'cause he's not rigid to rules.
He allows me to learn
or look like a fool.

He's bigger than me
and twice my age.
He gently guides me 
through each learnin' stage.

When I make a mistake
he don't throw a fit.
When the goin' gets tough
I know he won't quit.

He don't get upset
when I spur him too hard.
If he pins his ears
I know I've gone too far.

When I go out to catch him
and the halter's a tangle,
He just stands there waitin'
till I get the right angle.

'Round our barn
all the younger horses
Are learnin' his ways
by takin' his courses.

But after he's gone
all the others I'll compare
To his disposition
and his gentle care.

God took great care
creating this creature
He gave him patience
to be my teacher.

-- written by Suzette --




I could cry a million tears for you
Wish you didn't break my heart
But all I have left are lonely dreams
Now that we've had to part

I hold your heart inside of me
With all that was left unsaid
I'm reading the unfinished story of our lives
Quietly in my head

All that i have left of you
Is a photo on my wall
But I guess thats better than having
No memories of you at all

I know that I must move on now
And look to the future, not the past
your life just went too quickly
You were taken much too fast.


Ken & I want to thank the many people in Bill's life for assisting him in enjoying life in his later years.  Mike Brookfield, who went above and beyond in trying to keep his feet trimmed when Bill could not hold his back feet up anymore.  The Vaca Family for loving Bill and treating him with Ice Cream sandwiches nearly every day, and making sure he was eating his dinner.  Chris Maithonis, for feeding Bill while we were out of town and making him feel special and respected as a gentleman.  And themany more not mentioned.  Thank you

There are so many people that were touched by Bill's gracious soul and learned a great deal from him. 


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Honor, cherish and share your loved one's story.


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