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Memorial created 05-28-2017 by
BILLY TheKidster
March 1 1953

 BILLYtheKidster, RIP

 DOB - March 1st, 1953
 DOD - Someone else will have to fill this part out for me.

  I realize that I may be coming off rather oddly,
creating a memorial here at Critters for yours truly,
but if a tribute to my life after my passing is to be established for me,
here at is where I would prefer it to be,
because when I die I will not be heading for Heaven,
that is not where my Eternal Happiness is.
When I die I'm headed for the farthest outskirts of Heaven,
way beyond Heaven's Ridge,
to a place where very few humans are ever granted any passage,
and there I will roam endlessly,
playing eternally,
with all of the critters at Rainbow Bridge.


 I just received confirmation from Our Maker
When it is my time to go,
I shall be officially bestowed,
The Official Rainbow Bridge Caretaker.


 ..and that everybody,
is Heaven for me.





How I Want To Die

On a makeshift lounge in the wilderness he lay.
He knew he was dying and sensed this was his final day.
Atop of this mountain is where he wanted to be,
so he could have one last look at Nature's wondrous scenery.
The local wolf pack emerged out of the brush and surrounded him,
He smiled as they all gazed, he found their presence comforting.
The alpha male approached him with a pheasant locked in its jaw,
and dropped it on his lap, but he could eat no more.
He pushed the dead bird off unto the ground.
The alpha male began to make a whimpering sound.
With what little strength he had left, he pet the wolf and said goodbye.
When his lifeless hand fell,
the alpha male howled as the pack joined him in their cry.
The pack was in mourning, their wolf human had died.

Inspired from one of my survival excursions at a national p
ark, which shall remain nameless since I'm sure that I violated some wildlife game laws by interacting the way I did with one of this park's many wolf packs.
To this day I am often tempted to return and spend the rest of my remaining years with them, co existing with each other the way we did, but I have too many loved ones who tie me to society, but if ever there comes a day when there is no one left that I care about, I promise, I will return to you old friends. I would have barely survived had they not A
llowed me to take a share from every single kill they had made.

I miss them. I miss that life.



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