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Memorial created 04-21-2017 by
Zach Acosta
2014 - April 21 2017

Jojo, you were the best little buddy anyone could ask for. A very loving companion and you had the greatest temperment. Always full of life and vigor. You brought joy to us all and truly became part of the family. You served us well with your cavalier and fun-loving attitude. Most of all, you brought joy and love with you. In times of healing after trauma, you were there. In the rough days we all faced, you were there. You did what all loving dogs should do. You were a good boy. My eternal friend.

 For what little time you spent with us you made our home a wonderful place. I will miss the cuddles you gave after everyday of work. The way you would playfully nibble at my nose when I chuckled. Your "wrestling matches" with Ginger, your fellow Chihuahua pal. You two became inseperable. She will meet you in the place that all good dogs go when her time comes.

I just wish I could have spent more quality time with you. Given you all the walks, taken you more places. Spoiled you just a bit more. In the end, you were content with simply our companionship and a bit of food. However, for what you brought to this household you deserved more. We all cuddled on the day you died. Had I known it would have been your last day with us, I would have made it last a little longer.

You are gone but not forgotten, and will remain in our hearts in this mortal realm. I long for the day we are reunited and can frolick in the boundless fields of Elysium. There we will meet again, and I will play with you from sunrise to sunset. We will feast on all of our favourite foods, and bask in the sun until the day is done. I will forever look forward to seeing you once more. All of us, together. I love you. My Buddy.

Forever your best friend,



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