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Memorial created 02-1-2017 by
Marcella Uva
Pepper "Chicha" Uva
July 1 2013 - January 31 2017

In loving memory of the beautiful Pepper "Chicha" Uva who we love so much.

Pepper was our sweet companion for three and a half years. She singlehandedly taught our family the true meaning of unconditional love. Pepper is survived by her two human parents, Marcella and Anthony, and her younger tabby brother, Cassius Uva, who misses her more than words can describe. 

Pepper came to us when she was a tiny, little two-month-old kitten, who fit perfectly in Marcella's slipper. We nicknamed her "Chicha", a term of endearment in Italy, which means "little piece of meat". We were beyond thrilled to come home to our little meatball and make happy memories. She truly made every day special. 


We will miss holding you at night - wrapping our arms gently around you to give you kisses and gentle scratches under your chin. We will miss how you bit our phones and nudged our hands when you wanted ALL of our attention and refused to settle for only "some". We will miss your perfect little, pink nose and your big, beautiful green eyes. 

We will miss how you used to play - you were a little ball of energy and we loved the look on your face when you were having fun chasing after one of your plastic bag balls. One of my fondest memories was of your first toy - a sock tied to the end of a shoe string. It wasn't much, but you loved it. 

We will miss your deep purrs in the early morning hours, waking us only to lay on our chests and ask for love. And, let's not forget, we will miss the way you used to drool when you were extra happy. 

We will miss how you always managed to smell like cookies or fresh laundry. All of our blankets still smell like you and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And finally, we will miss your little meows when you would search the house for us and the little scratching noises you'd make on the door if we were in another room. No matter where we were, you wanted to be there with us. A steadfast and beautiful friend, who wanted nothing but our love, cuddles, and kisses. 

You are so beautiful, our little Chicha. We made sure to tell you everyday. Now you will be greatly missed and these precious memories will remain in our hearts forever.


Friends and family visiting this page, in Pepper's memory, we ask you to please make a small donation to the Friends of Felines Organization. These lovely volunteers work tirelessly to help homeless and forgotten cats in Fairfield County. 

Your donation goes directly to a fur baby in need of a forever home:


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