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Memorial created 01-12-2017 by
Efren Saavedra
Little Ricky James
October 31 1999 - November 28 2016

My best friend.

In loving memory of our Little Ricky James who we love so much. Little Ricky James will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


On December 31, 1999 at about 7 a.m. I was the store manager at a local family dollar. InLas Cruces New Mexico. A lady by the name of Frances Wilson walked in the store tellin me about a baby chihuahua for sale. She explained who she was scared of what could happen do to the Y2k coming up. Which had people paniced. And she felt she would not be able to care for this baby puppy. She told me his name was Teddy he was 2 month old she wanted to sale him for 250.00 since he was not full breed I offered her 100.00 she agreed. She went home and picked up Teddy his name then to bring him to me at the store. I immediataly fell in love with him. We bonded right off especially after keeping me up all night. He was special to me from day one to the end of his life and will aleays be. Days shortly after we went throught the Y2K nothing happened the Lady Frances Wilson who sold me Teddy was knocking at the store door again. I went to the door explaining I could not open until 9 a.m. She asked me how was Teddy? I told her his name was Little Ricky James now. She told me she wanted 150.00 dollars more for him I told her a deal was a deal we agreed on 100.00 and thats all she would get.

Little Ricky was with me through good and bad times Best friends for 17 years. This guy had the will to live to survive. In April 2000 he got Parvo if you what that is it is almost a death sentence for a young dog. There were 6 sick dogs with parvo at the animal hospital I would go and spend time with him every day out of all 6 Ricky was the only one to survive. And then one day Him and Rocky were playing really rough and Ricky got on the top of the sofa and fell and injured his spine. The Doctor said he would possible never walk again. But oince again he proved them wrong he walked a little like as if he was in the marching band but he was back to himself again.Three years later once again a health crisis, Ricky had a lump back area. It was cancer how does one deal wih such news. Well the Doctors did a surgical procedure. They told us that they removed the cancerous growth removing a lot of tissue they got it out of him. This guy had so much life everytime I thought he was down for the count he would come back to me. He was a survivor. He  was born in New Mexico and lived there and he also lived in Palm Springs California his final home was in El Paso Texas. 

It has been very hard for me now that Ricky is gone he was the perfect friend and will be missed for the rest of my life. But its not a good bye it is until we met again. LOve you forever Ricky.


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