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Memorial created 08-18-2016 by
Lili A Pasaporte
2005 - 2016

In loving memory of our "little biggie" Bibi who we love & adored to the moon and back.  Bibi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever and ever and ever.

She was our little Miss Bang, Biggie Girl, Bibina, bibi Galini, Binger, Bing Bang Boom. She had a zest for life!  Bibi, our special "Mini Pit" was a very loving, calm, and gentle companion, even during the pain of cancer.   Thank you, Bibi, for all the love you left with those big brown dramatic eyes.  You were the best.  

Adopted July 5, 2010

Succumbed to cancer on July 20, 2016


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