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Memorial created 05-9-2016 by
Lindsay Kimbell
Avery Kimbell
November 2 2006 - May 8 2016

In loving memory of our Avery who we love so much. Avery you will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. You were one of a kind and had so much personality. You loved running and exploring the woods behind the house. You loved barking at any animal that crossed through the yard because you knew they didn't belong in your yard!! You loved playing with Kate (Boykin spaniel) and Misty (black lab) along with your human sister and brothers, Emma, Evan and Aaron. Kate is going to miss you and we know that you and Misty are running now chasing and sniffing in heaven. Rest easy sweet boy and we will see you when we get there! Love you!


We lost our sweet Avery on Mother's Day, May 8th. Avery and Kate had been playing in the yard and it was getting dark. We put Kate up for the night and was coming to the front to get Avery. Avery never went to the road, much less cross it. But for some reason on this night, Avery went across the road. We think he may have been looking for our black lab, Misty, who had died 3 weeks earlier. We called Avery and he did as he had been taught to do, he came to us. Unfortunately it was in front of a car and the driver never saw him. Sweet Avery was hit and died within minutes with his Mommy and Daddy holding him. It was the worst night in our lives as we watched it happen from start to end. You were not in pain long. Avery, we will miss you immensely and it's still difficult to drive by and see where it all happened. Know that we loved you with all our hearts and we won't forget you. You were Mommy and Daddy's first "baby" before our kids. We love you. 


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