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Memorial created 01-28-2016 by
Jaime Ross
January 27 2016

In loving memory of our Bear who we love so much. Bear will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


My husband and I got Bear in May of 2010. We were at our local Petco and I had just got our pug groomed so I was there to pick her up. I glanced over at a rescue and saw this beautiful dog there. I put my fingers in the cage and petted him on his nose. I then turned around to pay for and pick up my pug. A few moments later, after I got my pug, I see that my husband is gone and so was the dog in the crate. He already had him on a leash and walking him around the store. He told me we should try him out for a few weeks. I was very hesitant at first but then eventually gave in. Thank god I did. Bear was such an amazing dog that I still can't believe he is gone. Bear developed Lymphoma in February 2015. We decided to have him treated at an area teaching hospital. He went for weekly chemo treatments and responded well. In October 2015, Bear was in remission. That remission did not last long. 3 weeks later I noticed another lymph node swollen which turned out to be cancer again. This set of chemo didn't work. Finally in December 2015 we decided to stop treatment which meant that we would have to slowly watch him go down hill, and he did. We made the tough decision to put him to sleep and although I have done this many time throughout my life, Bear was by far the hardest for me. I love him and miss him so much but I am comforted that I will see him again someday. Until then, I know he will be sitting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me.


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