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Memorial created 01-4-2016 by
Kyle Spieler
January 4 2016

The man, the myth, the legend

Rayden (Lampron) Dalton, passed away late Monday night losing his battle with lung cancer. He celebrated his life with one last pizza dinner in the company of his close friends and family before being laid to rest. Rayden was adopted from Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in FryeBurg, ME. He spent most of his life residing in North Attleboro, Massachusetts but moved to nearby Attleboro, Massachusetts in the later years of his life. He was a self learner and dropped out of obedience school at a young age. He learned sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and high five with very little instruction. Rayden enjoyed lounging on the couch, playing in leaves, sunbathing, back yard fires with friends, avoiding baths, car rides, walks, drive through munchkin treats from dunkin donuts, and vacationing in the white mountains of New Hampshire. Rayden's passion in life was food. He was known to have a refined palate for pizza, cookies, ice cream and gourmet table scraps. He was also a self taught gourmet sous chef, sampling ingredients while meals were being prepared in various kitchens. The focus of Rayden's life was being with family and friends producing smiles wherever he went. In lieu of flowers please leave a memory of Rayden. Please adopt and don't shop if you are looking for a dog. Rayden by far was the best dog I've ever known.


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