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Christina Ramsey
Baby Boy
January 1 2003 - December 23 2015


In loving memory of our precious Baby Boy who we love so much.


I lost you so quickly from an unknown non-symptomatic liver cancer tumor that burst. You always acted like a puppy even in your old age - running, jumping, barking. You were the leader of the younger 4 legged boys.


Baby Boy is greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever - Christina & Jeff Ramsey


Baby Boy came to us in a litter of 7 puppies with their mother on January 3, 2003 from the Humane Society when we agreed to foster them.  They all had red mange and required intensive and on-going care.  Unfortunately, all the puppies slowly began dying and Baby Boy was the only puppy to survive.  I called him Baby Boy because my husband would not let me name him because he knew if I did then I would want to keep him.  But, in a very short time, Baby Boy found his way into our hearts and family. 


Baby Boy had a special personality as a puppy that just grew into the enthusiastic and lovable dog that we had the blessing to share our lives with for almost 13 years.  As a puppy, he grew up in the bottom corner of our closet among our shoes. I remember him sticking his head out to "talk" (bark) when he heard us and then duck back into the shoes.  His talking became the norm for him and he was always interacting with everyone.  He also grew up to snatch any loose shoe on the floor and carry it through the house trying to get you to chase him or just out of habit he would snatch a shoe when running out the back door.  For many years, we had a single shoe here and there.




Baby Boy especially loved me, his Mom, and would follow me every where in the house and lay by my side.  He was a constant energy of love and devotion that brought happiness and joy each and every day.




I miss Baby Boy's snuggling at night - he loved to cuddle in the bed. He was our personal alarm clock and woke us up every morning with kisses followed by talking.




Baby Boy was very loving and wanted to get in the middle of good-bye hugs with my husband. So I would lift him up for a group hug. Although, most of the time, he just wanted the hug and to be held.  He loved to be held like a baby on my hip.




He was a great dance partner and if the music was playing, he would jump to be picked up.




Baby Boy always helped in the home office.  He would snatch papers from the desk and take off running to get me to play with him. He barked at the printer when it ran out of paper because it made a clicking noise.








He was always energetic to participate in family activities.








He was a handsome boy










Baby Boy liked to act silly and roll around under the covers.








If you got on the floor, he was ready to play and roll around underneath you.  He especially liked to play with his Daddy on the floor.




 Baby Boy was my best friend.


 Always there to bring a smile to my face


He made the worries of my human world go away.








He was that special dog that just connected with me and could read facial expressions, voice tones, and he was so very smart.  He did tricks every day that he learned on his own.




 There are not enough pictures and words to describe the special bond that we shared. He gave me love and happiness every day.




Many say that he was blessed to have me rescue him and give him the wonderful life he had.  I say that I was the one who was blessed to have such a loving, funny, companion that gave me such wonderful memories.




For those visiting Baby Boy's Memorial Page:


I hope that I was able to share with you how special Baby Boy was to me and his loving personality.



Your words of encouragement or acknowledgement in the Guest Book are greatly appreciated.    Sincerely, Christina



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