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Memorial created 09-2-2015 by
KeVeena Daniels
Malachi Williamson
April 1 2006 - August 25 2015

In loving memory of Malachi Williamson . April 2006-August 2015

My kids and I had him and his sister since they were 4 weeks old.

He went from being a tiny bright eyed cute kitten to a lovable chubby 17lb cat.

He had the cutest eyes that looked like green marbles.

He died a terrible death that he definitely did not deserve. We loved him very

very much and he will truly be missed. There will always be only 1 Malachi no other cat

could take his place. I'm sorry Malachi I didnt protect you better.

Love Nina, Anthony and Mommy

Thank you so much to all who have visited Malachi's memorial and left warm messages in the guest book. if you have also lost a beloved pet whether dog or cat my heart goes out to you and I am truly sorry for your loss. KeVeena

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