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July 13 2009 - September 10 2013

In loving memory of our pogul who we love so much. Pogul will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


A dear little soul left our world tonight, loving sweet pogul reunighted with his little sister guinea pig bambi and father bumblebee ,

pogul  was born out of a litter of 3 pups, he was born at 7.10 on the 13th. july. 2009

he was the more shyer guinea and he alway used to give in to peanut his brother, whatever the prank,,

It happened that pogul was parted from his brother peanut 5 months ago because he went so small, we all knew there was something wrong with him

I was going to take him to the vets.

  he was very happy and bouncy for a guinea, they said solongs as hes eating hes ok when a guinea pig goes down theres no coming back it was so sudden for we didnt see the change easily, i cherished and hold him closely but they say guineas live the life of a rabbit not always genecticly, he was a crested guinea pig they live on average of 5-7 if lucky, but at least he lived comfortably and they all have fleeces in winter to keep them warm with tnnels and little houses and boxes I beruid pogul next to bumblebee his father i put a lilac heather on there as a symbol of the coming of autumn, they even had little beds to lay on, I have only 2 guineas left now, bramble the mother but shes quite grogy and peanut hes very big for a guinea, it certainly has been one wonderful enchantment to see them all grow from 6 wk old pups whilst bambi peanut and pogul were born of bramble and bumblebee,

 The months passed on  and he still lost weight, it happened so that i went to spot clean him tonight and i usually go in earlier but he was not his usual,

when id go up to him he used to run to me he was so loving, but tonight he didnot run,

i seen him shruged up to the hay, i stroked him, and slightly felt under his tummy, and then he stood up fell on 1 side and died suddenly, it was so quick it  shocked me seeing himborn from his dear mum bramble, it was quit a shock as he passed suddenly to the other life at 11.00 tonight memories of pogul will live forever he was so special and will alway remain in our hearts forever.

He leaves behind his soul mate peanut his brother and mother bramble


pogul and peanut were inseperable. they would never disagree with one  another but pogul was more giving in that respect i guest he knew there were something wrong

he had a wonderful life for a guinea, so shall his family follow on one day to be reunighted at rainbow bridge,

may pogul go were the feilds are full with golden corn

for his memorie will linger on bless you pogul, i hope you didnt suffer to long we gave you extra time but you were call for from the most highest in heaven,

 I held you once in my hand and felt your little heart beat fadely away from once you were given life in such a measure, for time cannot be measured, it was you time pogul,

I guess he knows where he his, i left him in his cage tonight layed out next to peanut and bramble, they know hes gone

loving you forever pogul

down memorie lane you will be

the road is long your spirit is free

night night pogul sending you all my love  and kisses for you as you travel that rd for you have been spotted

a furchild in heaven xxxxxxxxx


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